Gourmet meat and seafood vending machines

Gourmet meat and seafood vending machines

rsz_3-vending_machineVending machines are generally not associated with gourmet food, but trust the French to find a way to offer duck confit and other delicatessens around the clock!

The vending machine, which is located in eastern Paris on the Rue de Charonne, is accessible 24 hours a day and is reportedly the first of its kind in Paris. It’s the new venture of nearby butcher shop L’ami Txulette and the owners say it’s intended to serve their customers after the shop closes in the evenings, and also on the two days a week they’re closed.

The gourmet meats are all vacuum-packed to stay fresh, and choices include duck confit, Bayonne ham, Basque-style pate, and beef carpaccio. The machine takes cash or credit cards.

Meanwhile, Alabama in the USA has its own vending machine that dispenses bargain-priced raw cuts of meat and in some parts of China seafood lovers can get live crabs from vending machines.

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