Fresh look for PAK’nSAVE GI

Fresh look for PAK’nSAVE GI


PAK’nSAVE Glen Innes in Auckland is getting a lot more than a fresh lick of bright yellow paint. This iconic supermarket is going through a massive makeover. With a budget of nearly $12 million, shoppers can expect a fresh and exciting new supermarket, which will continue to offer New Zealand’s lowest grocery prices.

Lindsay Rowles, GM Property says, “A real focus for the team has been on improving customer friendly elements. We’ve considered everything from upgrading the carparks, extending and widening the entrance to new configurations for both manned and self-checkouts.”

Other works in the store include new racking in the retail area, electronic shelf labelling, increased visibility in the service departments and, a new customer service area and staff offices.

“As part of our drive to improve our sustainability across the business we’ve incorporated all new CO2 refrigeration. It’s not only more cost effective to run, it also means a lower environmental impact.”

Rowles says, “We’re very conscious that we are an anchor business in the Glen Innes town centre. We take that responsibility very seriously and have made every effort to work with and for the local community. We believe that this refurbishment is a welcome investment in the area.”

The scheduled completion date is mid-February 2018.

Rowles explains: “It’s been a labour of love for the property team. The re-furb has not been without its challenges and our customers have put up with a fair bit of inconvenience. We know that their patience will be rewarded with a fantastic upgraded PAK’nSAVE – and it will be well worth the wait.”

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