Freedom Farms introduces Free Range Chicken

Freedom Farms introduces Free Range Chicken

rsz_4-freedom_farms_chicken_thighWhat came first? The chicken or the egg?

Well, actually it was their bacon.

From the people that bring you those beautiful free range eggs and that delicious bacon, ham and pork – Freedom Farms is set to add Free Range Chicken to their happy family.

For the past decade Freedom Farms has been fighting the good fight for the ethical farming of piggies and over the last few years for their egg-laying chooks too. Now they have decided it’s time to spread their love to chickens.

Freedom Farms is on a mission to encourage farmers across the country to open up their barns so that the chickens can head outside, feel the wind in their feathers, ‘peck about’ and play in their  garden.

They have got some chicken farms ready to go and a range of fresh Freedom Farms chicken cuts will be available in selected stores from early September. The range will include fresh whole birds and tray packed portions of breasts and thigh cuts.

Like all their products, Freedom Farms’ fresh Free Range Chicken range will be coming from farms that meet their strict welfare and environmental standards and agree to regular independent audits.

Part of Freedom Farms’ success is the fact that they absolutely believe in what they stand for. Since launching 10 years ago they have been driven by the approach that everyone should be able to know exactly where their food has come from and exactly how it has been farmed.

Gregor Fyfe of Freedom Farms says: “Freedom Farms was started by people who love good food and are prepared to pay more, if we know the animals being farmed have had a more natural life. As consumers we can make a big difference to animals’ lives by voting with our wallets every time we go shopping.”

“Simply the more people get behind Freedom Farms, the easier it is for us to get more farms converted to Freedom Farms,” says Fyfe.

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