Fonterra introduces global quality seal

Fonterra introduces global quality seal


Fonterra’s Chief Operating Officer, Global Consumer and Foodservice Jacqueline Chow

Fonterra is introducing a new global food quality seal – Trusted Goodness™ – for its products as part of its business strategy to add value to milk and maximise returns for its farmers. The Trusted Goodness™ quality seal will now begin to appear on Fonterra-branded products around the world. In New Zealand it will first appear on 1L and 2L bottles of Anchor fresh milk.

Fonterra’s Chief Operating Officer, Global Consumer and Foodservice Jacqueline Chow, said that market research commissioned by Fonterra shows global consumers are prepared to pay a premium for high quality, safe and healthy food from trusted sources. “Consumers want to know more about where their food comes from and that it is produced by businesses using sustainable and ethical practices. Consumers are actively seeking out products they can trust to feed their families and that come with these benefits.

“Fonterra’s farmers have invested more than $1 billion into environmental initiatives over the last five years. They’ve fenced 97% of defined waterways on their farms, developed nitrogen management systems to reduce leaching, and spent more than $8 million on research into emissions reducing technologies.

“All of their good work on-farm, combined with New Zealand’s natural, grass-fed advantage, the Co-operative’s focus on traceability, food safety and quality supported by Fonterra’s farmers and employees has helped to build credibility behind the Trusted Goodness™ seal,” said Chow.

Outside of New Zealand, the quality seal will initially feature on packs of Fonterra-branded products in the US, China and Malaysia as part of a global roll-out over the coming months. It is expected to appear on the vast majority of Fonterra products over the coming years.

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