Farrah’s new look rolls out, and they’re wrapped

Farrah’s new look rolls out, and they’re wrapped

rsz_1rsz_11rsz_farrahs_garden_spinach_wrapsChances are you’ll do a double take when you see the new packaging from Farrah’s. This is not a new brand, not a new player in the bread aisles, but the transformation is so bold you could be forgiven for thinking so.

Farrah’s are a quiet achiever, New Zealand’s leading wrap maker, they’ve introduced innovative new packaging and marketing for their range of eight wraps which is set to grow in the category. The new branding and packs are bright, colourful and eye-catchingly disruptive, using innovative and inspiring design which cleverly shows off the high quality product within.

Husband and wife owners Farrah and Jovan are again raising the bar, “investing in understanding our customers and the markets, we want to push the category as a whole,” says Jovan Čanak.

“The new packaging will inspire consumers that are already lovers of wraps to venture and try new things. Those that may be on the fence it should encourage them to give it a go and we believe once they try Farrah’s they won’t be disappointed with their experience.”

rsz_1rsz_1farrahs_fire_roasted_pepper_wrapsFarrah’s have always aimed to lead the sector in quality, with their guarantee of wraps that ‘won’t crack won’t split when rolled’, a testament to superior manufacturing and product testing developed at the Wellington premises. The ingredients they use are fresh and flavourful, from their Garden Spinach flavour (New Zealand’s number one favourite wrap) through to their brand new Chia and Quinoa “super grains” wrap.

Farrah’s hugely successful retail display units have also had a facelift. The original mobile stands boosted Farrah’s sales by up to 30% when introduced across the country in 2011 and drove sales across the entire category. The four or eight prong stands are mobile, attractive and have proven very effective when used “off location” to support seasonal creativity in store, within deli or produce for instance. The eight prong stand fits in the place of a traditional bread rack.

Launching new digital marketing assets and with a new recipe book on the way, Farrah’s are out to grow sales by inspiring and educating more consumers about the potential wraps offer. From quick and healthy school lunches through to entertaining, baking and tasty snack options.

Kiwi consumers are familiar with the wraps they encounter in food service and hospitality, they’re also more creative in the kitchen, the investment in the new packaging and marketing efforts aims to inspire more consumers to experiment and adopt wraps as a pantry staple.

Farrah’s is a success story from humble beginnings, with owners Farrah and Jovan Čanak researching international best practises to bring to New Zealand, the husband and wife team started out by hand stretching and cooking each wrap by hand. Now with a world class production facility, they still ensure their wraps are baked the traditional way, over an open flame. Jovan and Farrah remain hands on and passionate about their high quality products and growing a local business.

“We want to share our story, we have been on great journey over the past 15 years making wraps and tortillas and it’s about sharing this with our customers and community. Our story and quality of our wraps and tortillas is what sets us apart.”

Read the Farrah’s story on the back of the new packs or on their new website farrahs.co.nz

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