Farmers Mill launches 100% NZ baking supplies

Farmers Mill launches 100% NZ baking supplies

rsz_farmers_mill-7_packs_groupA new range of high quality, specialty flour and premix products is now available online. Uniquely made from 100% New Zealand grown premium wheat, the new assortment of Homebake™ products has been produced by New Zealand’s only grower owned and operated mill – Farmers Mill in Timaru.

The Homebake™ range comprises Artisan Flour (all-purpose bread flour milled to unique, high end specifications); Biscuit Flour (specially milled for baking biscuits); Brioche Mix with yeast; Pizza Base Mix with yeast; Banana Bread Mix; Buttermilk Scone Mix and Muffin Mix.

Owned by 12 South Island farmers, Farmers Mill is the only independent grower-owned and operated flour producer in the country, enabling manufacturers to pass on the promise to customers of being New Zealand made. Farmers Mill opened in June last year and boasts state-of-the-art milling equipment designed to mill New Zealand wheat to an exceptionally high standard and produce premium biscuit, all-purpose baking, cake, pastry and bread flours to unique, high end specifications.

CEO of Farmers Mill, Grant Bunting, says home bakers keen to impress their family and friends will not be disappointed by the Homebake™ range. “We developed these products in response to increasing consumer demand for convenience in baking. Conscientious New Zealanders are looking for quality products and fool-proof ways to bake traditional favourites but with an assurance of 100% New Zealand flour and traceability. We can categorically give them that.

“Our commitment to shoppers is to keep offering them new solutions which meet their needs. In line with this, we hope to be able to offer gluten free specialty flours and premixes as well as low salt and low sugar options within the next few months,” says Bunting.

Farmers Mill has grown substantially since it opened to become a leading producer for the New Zealand baking industry supplying to iconic brands such as Griffins Foods, Couplands Bakeries, French Bakery and Baker Boys. Examples of key retail outlets using Farmers Mill flour for artisan breads and pastry based products include Little and Friday in Auckland and Rangiora Bakery in Canterbury.

Homebake™ products can be viewed and purchased online at Shipping costs $5 for any quantity, anywhere in New Zealand.

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