Family of natural cooking oils expands

Family of natural cooking oils expands

rsz_screen_shot_2016-06-23_at_43416_pmNew Zealand’s original avocado oil producer, Olivado introduces two new infused oils that will transform any dish from dull to delicious.

The oil from whole crushed Mexican limes has been infused with pure avocado oil to produce the Olivado Natural Avocado Oil and Lime. The oil extracted from garlic bulbs infused with avocado oil has produced the Olivado Natural Avocado Oil and Garlic.

Both of the new Natural oils are made with 100% avocado oil, which has been gently refined by extracting avocado flesh at a very low heat.

Avocado oil is very heat stable and one of the best possible oils for high-temperature frying. The Garlic infused oil is perfect in stir fries and in Italian cooking, while the Lime infused oil gives a zesty, citrus hit and is ideal for chicken or fish dishes.

Olivado Natural Avocado and Lime oil, and the new Garlic infused oil are available in 250ml bottles from Countdown, RRP $8.49. The range also includes Olivado’s original infused Avocado Oils: Rosemary, Basil, Chilli and Lemon, available in selected New Worlds and specialty stores.

Olivado products are extracted without chemicals or additives, refined without additives, are non-GMO, use ingredients that have not been grown with pesticides and farmed by Olivado certified suppliers, use Phthalate-free packaging, have complete product traceability and are always taste and performance tested.


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