Exciting news at Storelink

Exciting news at Storelink

On 1st February 2017, Storelink ownership changed. The new owners of Storelink are Angie Samuel, Tony Puppyn and John Bishop.

Storelink is a sales and merchandising business representing many of New Zealand’s leading FMCG companies such as Sanitarium, Griffins, Wrigleys, Lewis Road Creamery, Taylor Brown, Natures Organics, Sun Valley, Pacific Brands and many more.

Angie Samuel

Angie Samuel told FMCG Business: “We supply an extensive contract merchandising team right across the Foodstuffs and Progressive network with a team of 411 contract merchandisers completing on average 13,533 hours of work in grocery every month. We have established ourselves as a leading retail service partner for the industry for over 25 years and as new owners we are excited to be able to build on this reputation and are proud to continue to provide high quality sales and merchandising services to the industry.”

Tony Puppyn added that “The previous owner, Ken Hewitt, has been ill for some time and several years ago he retired from operational roles and established a board to guide Storelink and ensure its ongoing success. This allowed Ken to consider his future within the business and after engaging the board, the decision was made to offer the business to Angie Samuel, myself and John Bishop in a seamless transition.”

Tony Puppyn

Business as usual, under new ownership

“As new owners, we are proud to take over the Storelink reins from the Hewitt family and we thank the previous owners Ken and Karin Hewitt for their many years of service within the business and wish them the very best for the future”.

Angie Samuel and Tony Puppyn will remain in their current leadership roles within the business. John Bishop has been chairman of the board for five years bringing extensive commercial and board expertise and will remain in a governance role.

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