Environmentally gentle laundry pods a NZ first

Environmentally gentle laundry pods a NZ first

rsz_laundry_podsEarthwise, New Zealand’s original natural cleaning and laundry product company has added environmentally gentler Laundry Liquid Pods to its range, the first of their kind in New Zealand.

Like the laundry powders, liquids and softeners in the Earthwise range, the Laundry Liquid Pods are plant and mineral based and suitable for both top and front loader washing machines.

Using the Pods is easy – there’s no unwrapping, scooping, measuring or special placement required – they are simply thrown into the machine with clothing and linen. The wrapper dissolves when in contact with water and leaves no residue, even in cold water washes. The guess work is taken out of measuring detergent as each Pod contains the exact amount of detergent for a normal sized wash, eliminating wastage, and yet powerful enough to clean the most stubborn of stains while being naturally kinder to clothes and the environment.

“We wanted to create plant based laundry pods. They complement the Earthwise laundry range because they give another option to people who are short on time and want to minimise the mess from measuring and scooping washing powder,” says Jamie Peters, Earthwise Group owner and director.

Earthwise Laundry Liquid Pods come in 500g packs of 20 in Summer Breeze, or Fragrance Free. They are available now at all leading supermarkets, RRP $14.99.

Earthwise is proudly a New Zealand owned and operated company, with both its manufacturing and head office based in Auckland. For more than 50 years Earthwise has been producing a range of plant-based products for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, general purpose cleaning, and a body range.

Designed to be naturally powerful and naturally kinder for the environment, all Earthwise products are free from phosphates, ammonia, nitrate and chlorine, which can be both safety and environmental hazards.  Body products are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) free, paraben and colourant free, with no use of phthalates in either the product or packaging.  All Earthwise products are plant based, which are pure, natural in origin and environmentally sustainable.  Ingredients are carefully selected to be gentler for people as well as the environment.

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