Eliza McCartney joins Beef + Lamb Iron Maidens

Eliza McCartney joins Beef + Lamb Iron Maidens

Sarah Walker, Sophie Pascoe, Lisa Carrington, Eliza McCartney.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand has announced a new addition to their star-studded team of Iron Maidens; pole vaulter bronze medallist, Eliza McCartney.

Eliza will follow in the footsteps of a select number of high-achieving athletes and join the current trio of sports ambassadors representing Beef + Lamb New Zealand; Sophie Pascoe, Lisa Carrington and Sarah Walker.

Eliza is excited at the opportunity and is looking forward to working more closely with the Iron Maiden team. “I’m thrilled to be joining such a talented group of women. There are so many important messages the Iron Maidens represent, be it around health and nutrition, sustainability or simply, delicious food. I feel really lucky to be a part of that,” she says.

Sarah Walker has been mentoring Eliza during the past few months and is looking forward to having her join the Iron Maiden team. “Eliza is a huge talent and is passionate about what she does, her performance in Rio was incredible! Watch this space, this girl has a big career ahead of her,” says Walker.

Eliza showcased her skills to the world in Rio, exceling well beyond her years and experience and Beef + Lamb New Zealand CEO, Rod Slater says she is a welcome addition to the group. “These athletes each have a strong understanding of the important role that beef and lamb plays in their diets and training regimes,” says Slater.

“We have some powerful stories to tell on behalf of our farmers and who better to communicate those than the Iron Maidens.”

Kiwis can expect to see the faces of the four girls early next year as the Iron Maidens form the basis of Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s next marketing campaign.



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