Ecostore’s most powerful laundry range yet!

Ecostore’s most powerful laundry range yet!


Want powerful stain removal without the nasties? Ecostore’s new range of laundry products with PlantActive™ stain fighting enzymes is extra tough on dirt and stains. So even when life throws you a mess, you can give it that extra clean.

rsz_1laundry_powder_extraclean_1kg_bEcostore’s new range of laundry products have a fresh new look, and a twist. The bright orange flashed packaging denotes the new ‘Extra Clean’ range which uses PlantActive™ enzymes for 25% – 45% more stain fighting power.

The first products to launch in this new range are a laundry powder and a laundry soaker & stain remover. The laundry powder has a fresh lemon scent and the unique combination of enzymes makes it perfect to target stubborn stains including grass, spaghetti and sauce. The laundry soaker & stain remover is fragrance free and can be added to your detergent in the washing machine, or to soak clothes overnight for more persistent stains. Perfect for brightening your whites!

laundry_soaker_ecThe products still have none of the nasty ingredients including optical brighteners, phosphates or synthetic perfumes. Look out for them in store today or buy online.
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