DKSH announces exclusive distribution agreement with Kapiti Kitchen

DKSH announces exclusive distribution agreement with Kapiti Kitchen

KapitiA new partnership expands DKSH New Zealand’s presence into the beverages category, representing a reputable company in growth mode. Kapiti Kitchen gains a significant national partner skilled in broadening distribution and achieving sales growth.

“We are excited about the opportunity to take Kapiti Kitchen to the next level,” said a DKSH spokesperson.

The Kapiti Kitchen range is on trend with consumers’ growing tastes for fresh and healthier beverage solutions. Made fresh on the Kapiti coast, this premium quality fruit syrup is great for making refreshing sodas in summer, hot drinks in winter and has great potential for spicing up your favourite dish in the kitchen! All ingredients are locally sourced and freshly prepared to create a taste sensation like no other.

Lemon, Manuka Honey & Ginger

Freshly squeezed lemons, honey harvested from Manuka flowers and ginger grated across the grain, this is an infusion of nature’s remedies. Sour, sweet and strong, this is a beautiful union of opposing flavours. Soothing in winter, a winner with whisky and addictive in Asian cooking.


Delicate elderflowers are soaked and infused with orange and lemon zest, then blended with the finest extract to give rounded floral notes. A delicate, honey-sweet aroma balanced by citrus seasoning. Tempting in pancakes and captivating with champagne.


Picked at perfection, there’s an art to infusing these delicate beautiful berries. Ruby red, a luscious rush, a sweetness that’s not too sweet. Awaken a glass of soda water, enliven a sparkling wine or inspire a sorbet.


Freshly zested and squeezed, this modest fruit is bursting with flavour and healing properties. Clean, crisp and confident, it will add character to the simplest drink or dish. Serve with soda water and crushed mint over ice, use as a miraculous marinade with fish or create an enviable dressing.

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