Dilmah chairman joins Auckland City Mission’s cook-off event

Dilmah chairman joins Auckland City Mission’s cook-off event

Dilmah, a leading tea company known for their commitment to quality, authenticity, and ethical production, is proud to announce that Chairman Dilhan C. Fernando will be participating in the Auckland City Mission’s upcoming cook-off event.

This annual cook-off brings together business leaders and top chefs who will be giving back to the community. The event aims to raise awareness about the importance of fostering community, understanding, and support for those in need. Dilhan’s participation in the event underscores Dilmah’s commitment to making a positive impact on society through its “Make the World a Better Tea” mission.

“At Dilmah, we believe in the power of tea to unite communities and create positive change,” says Dilhan. “We’re excited to participate in an event that shares our values of fostering togetherness and giving back.”

As part of Dilmah’s ongoing commitment to making a positive difference in communities worldwide, the company recently donated a quarter of a million tea bags to the Auckland City Mission.

“The efforts of City Mission so closely parallel what we at Dilmah believe in. Kindness to people and nature is the heart and soul of our family business. I’m looking forward to participating and contributing to this event and sharing a cup of tea with the Auckland community,” Dilhan adds.

Auckland City Mission’s cook-off will take place on Monday, 10 June.

You can donate to help Dilmah’s fundraiser here.

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