TWL Silverdale Store_Panorama_sml[2]A brand new degree, the Bachelor of Retail and Business Management is focused solely on retail and designed to develop career-minded, practically prepared retail specialists. Students gain a thorough grounding in the many facets of this fast-paced industry – from supply chain to store design, logistics to law, management to marketing.

The Bachelor of Retail and Business Management is a three-year degree that covers core business and retail-related areas such as:

  • accounting
  • marketing
  • economics
  • information systems
  • organisations and management
  • business data analysis
  • retail law.

6284As they move through the degree, students also look at specialised areas like operations, buying and planning, store design and visual merchandising, and supply chain. Final year students will develop a more strategic view of retailing.

Each year’s learning is complemented with an internship in different businesses, allowing students to gain an understanding of practices across the sector and of specific functions within retail businesses.

Massey’s integrative approach ensures students will graduate with generic business skills as well as retail-specific expertise, and with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills to design, implement and continuously improve strategies for dynamic retail, technological and economic environments.

Graduates will be knowledgeable in all areas of retail, such as marketing, merchandising, logistics, human resources or supply chain management. Experienced retail staff will be equipped for management-level roles in both the retail and servicing sectors.

Students can study by distance or internally at Massey’s Auckland campus. The programme can be studied full-time or part-time.

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