Countdown’s new collectibles hit stores with a roar

Countdown’s new collectibles hit stores with a roar

rsz_countdowns_latest-super_animals_bridget_lamont_sue_baudet_ric_odom (1)Countdown has teamed up with the SPCA to launch the next collectible craze, a limited edition range of Super Animals sound cards. In a first for any Countdown collectibles campaign, the Super Animals cards come to life when swiped through a sound card reader, making the realistic sound of each animal.

For every $20 spent in-store or online, shoppers will receive four Super Animals sound cards. Shoppers can also purchase an album to store their cards with $1 from every album going to the SPCA to support animal welfare in New Zealand.

Countdown’s General Manager Marketing, Bridget Lamont, says the Super Animals cards are a fun way for Kiwi kids and families to learn about and experience exotic animal species, while helping animals in our own backyard through the SPCA. “New Zealanders love animals and we’re hoping the Super Animals cards will help to educate Kiwi kids about animals from around the world, including rare and endangered species. And because a portion of the proceeds go to the SPCA, families will also be helping to support animals in need here at home,” says Lamont. “Our customers loved the DreamWorks Heroes collectible cards last year, so much so that we sold out of albums. We’ve almost doubled the amount of albums this time as we know they’re going to be just as popular.”

Available from 31 January until 15 March 2015, or while stocks last, Countdown shoppers can begin collecting from a range of 108 different animal sound cards including the Snow Leopard, Monkey-eating Eagle, Cuckoo Bee and more Super Animals from around the globe.

SPCA Inspector Sue Baudet features in the Super Animals Collectors Album, which includes fun and educational facts and activities. “We’re very excited to help teach Kiwi families about unique Super Animals from all over the world. We have a long history of caring for animals right here in our own backyard and will be using proceeds from the albums to introduce an urgently needed animal management system across our nationwide network of SPCA centres. This will allow advanced tracking of animal welfare much like what happens with human patient records at a medical centre. Ultimately that means lower costs faster action, and better quality of animal welfare across New Zealand.”

The collectible sound cards feature interesting facts and photos of Super Animals that have been grouped into nine categories: fastest, toughest, deadliest, smartest, fiercest, weirdest, sneakiest, loudest and showiest animals. To offer families the opportunity to collect all 108 sound cards, Countdown will be hosting swap-meets at stores in March, where shoppers can trade cards to complete their collection.

Customers can also make pet food donations in the SPCA bins provided in store, or make a cash donation at the checkout.

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