Countdown’s annual Awards Gala

Countdown’s annual Awards Gala

(L to R) Chris Fisher, Bakery Supplier of the Year winner Casey Mason (Farrah Breads), Dave Chambers.

The Countdown annual Awards Gala Dinner is a chance to celebrate greatness and recognise some of their stand-out team members. Prime Minister Bill English attended the event this year and presented some of the trophies.

The complete list of winners is shown below.

Produce Supplier of the Year – NS & EN Hinton

NS & EN Hinton has shown huge passion in delivering an outstanding level of quality to Countdown. Their products consistently receive positive customer feedback based on the taste and freshness of their produce. They have also embraced Countdown’s ‘Odd Bunch’ concept, which has helped deliver great value to the customer and maximised their return of crop.

Fresh Meat & Seafood Supplier of the Year – Auckland Meat Processors

Auckland Meat Processors and Countdown have had a business relationship for nearly 50 years, and over this time there has been significant repositioning in the meat industry through changing consumer trends. However the Auckland Meat Processors continue to be the critical link in the supply chain that ensures Countdown product remains the industry standard and award winning.

Award winner Stefan Crooks of Westie Food Group.

Perishables & Delicatessen Supplier of the Year – Westie Food Group

Westie Food Group has been a strategic partner with Countdown in the perishables and delicatessen category for many years. They have delivered innovation, continue to drive category growth, and share Countdown’s commitment to low prices every day. Westie Food Group has had an unrelenting approach to drive innovation particularly in the ready meals category to cater to the changing needs of our customers, and have seen double digit growth over the last year.

Bakery Supplier of the Year – Farrah’s

Farrah’s has continued to deliver value within this competitive sub-category. The Price Down program, promotions and in-store activation’s, new product development and collaborative account management has resulted in happy customers and consequently delivered exceptional sales growth for both the supplier and Countdown.

Grocery – Cooking & Baking Supplier of the Year – Heinz-Wattie’s NZ

Heinz-Wattie’s NZ joined Countdown’s Price Down programme last year. This supplier is collaborative, flexible and willing to find a solution that delivers for both parties. They have seen strong growth this year across multiple categories and departments.

Grocery – Breakfast & Snacking Supplier of the Year – Arnott’s New Zealand

Arnott’s NZ embraced Countdown’s Price Lockdown programme and as a result have had fantastic performance with their biscuits and snack food sales. They set a high standard and are a benchmark in terms of engagement with Countdown’s strategic intent.

Grocery – Beverages Supplier of the Year – Nestle New Zealand

Nestle NZ is undoubted a category leader and has transformed their performance by aligning with the Countdown’s strategy.  They have been an anchor for the overall category growth and have seen strong growth in this fiercely competitive category.

Liquor Supplier of the Year – Lion New Zealand

Lion NZ has worked incredibly closely with Countdown over the last couple of years with an outstanding account team and in-store field team. They have had a fantastic year with significant growth, and have launched a number of new products. Lion has one of the fastest growing wine brands in the market, and has numerous products on Countdown’s Price Lockdown programme.

Grocery Non Food & General Merchandise Supplier of the Year – Edgewell Personal Care NZ

Edgewell Personal Care NZ has shown significant sales growth year-on-year and has continued to deliver strong profit leading performance in all categories. They are an outstanding example of a company that has understood and embraced Countdown’s strategy and one that forged a business relationship founded on year-on-year incremental performance.

New Product Development of the Year – Steinlager Tokyo Dry (Lion)

Steinlager Tokyo Dry arrived in the market in late October, and was an instant hit with Countdown customers, a new product under an iconic New Zealand brand, this product appealed to customer’s tastes and grew the size of the category.

Account Manager of the Year 2017 – Brad Garfield (Nestle New Zealand Limited)

Brad has done an outstanding job in understanding Countdown’s business, and in managing mutually beneficial outcomes for both businesses. He has demonstrated a passion, commitment, drive and enthusiasm for growing the category with customer needs foremost in his mind. Brad has worked across multiple categories with a commercially astute approach which has resulted in significant improvements in sales.

Countdown Product of the Year 2017 – Best Foods Mayonnaise (James Crisp Ltd)

Best Foods Mayonnaise has delivered improved profitability and has transformed category sales with double digit growth year-on-year, and is an icon product in Countdown’s Lock Down programme. This supplier’s bold commitment to helping Countdown deliver on their commitment of delivering lower prices everyday has seen an overwhelmingly positive response with our customers.

Countdown Category Manager of the Year – Louane Grace (Grocery Food)

Louane has demonstrated passion, enthusiasm, and energy for adapting to change. She is focused and has embraced Countdown’s core business processes and tools to generate outstanding customer value propositions. Louane has been rated by her peers and by her suppliers as an outstanding member of the Countdown team.

Store Manager of the Year

Paul Berney from Countdown Cable Car Lane

Forklift Driver of the Year

Sione Latu from the Auckland National Distribution Centre

Truck Driver of the Year

Rene Niovara from Mainfreight

Checkout Operator of the Year

Rachael Murray

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