Copper Kettle Artisan Series

Copper Kettle Artisan Series chips are now available in a brand-new flavour, Smoky Barbecue Pulled Pork. There has recently been a significant growing trend in the premiumisation of products, and this unique flavour aims to address the gap in the premium potato chip market by broadening the appeal of the popular range to people looking for locally handcrafted snacks.

Copper Kettle Artisan Series chips are made from carefully selected local New Zealand potatoes, which are cooked slowly in small batches. This process gives them unbeatable flavour, a satisfying crunch, and deliciously unique shapes. With no two chips the same, you’ll find that every one of these locally crafted Copper Kettle Artisan Series chips is crafted to imperfection.

Look out for the eye-catching advertising on both digital and social platforms from 1st of August communicating the ultimate flavour and “imperfectly” perfect craft.

Order yours today from Bluebird Foods. If you are a new customer, please reach out to us on 0800 652 583.

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