Cider made from inner city apples 

Cider made from inner city apples 

Urban Cider - ImageAlex Plim from the “Now. Here. This” blog reports on a new cider which is made from apples grown in big cities which have been donated by members of the public. Plim explains the concept behind Urban Orchard cider:

“Some people donate blood. Others give the change in their wallet to charity. And then there are those who donate apples. Yep, apples.

Hawkes is a London-based company who make cider with apples grown and donated by people living in London and other urban places, which they blend and bottle to create a crisp concoction that’s being launched at Craft Beer Rising this week.

According to the makers, who take inspiration from the street hawkers who used to stroll around Victorian London selling apples, Urban Orchard craft cider is ‘smooth and harmonious in body, complex and rich in texture with a crisp, wine-like finish.’ Plus, because they never know what varieties of apple they’re going to receive, every batch they make is unique.

What do you get for giving them your fruit? A personalised bottle of the beverage it makes. Plus, a feeling of sweet satisfaction for supporting a company that gives back to the community groups who donate with new apple trees that they can plant, ensuring future generations have the opportunity to sit in a park and get drunk on fermented apples just like we did.”

It is a concept which could easily be launched in New Zealand. Urban Auckland cider may have to wait until all the fruit flies are eradicated though…

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