CHEP celebrates 40 years

CHEP celebrates 40 years

CHEP offers managed, returnable and reusable packaging solutions to companies across the globe. rsz_fmcgb-chep_1With a pool of over 300 million pallets and containers worldwide, CHEP has more than 7,500 employees and operates in 49 countries.

CHEP New Zealand celebrates 40 years of local supply chain support this year and CHEP NZ Country Manager, Mike O’Brien, said: “This is an exciting milestone for our staff, customers and industry partners – many of whom have been with us for a significant part of the last 40 years.

“Prior to entering the New Zealand market, local businesses had to buy their own pallets. Our first benefit for these businesses proved to be significant cost savings.

“Today, CHEP offers a range of high quality solutions and services that help many industries improve their supply chains – from aerospace and manufacturing, to consumer goods and fresh food. Our most recent products are testament to our commitment to providing solutions for greater efficiency and value.”

“Moving forward, sustainability and partnerships are key priorities,” O’Brien said.

“We achieved a 96% timber recycling rate and a 59% reduction in waste to landfill in 2013, and we aim to improve on these results in 2014. Initiatives such as joint customer supply chain improvement plans with our partners will also help us work in a more sustainable fashion.”

Let’s celebrate!

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