Celebrate NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Week

Celebrate NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Week

From Sunday 5 November, New Zealand Ice Cream & Gelato Week will churn up happiness for ice cream and gelato enthusiasts across Aotearoa with special offers, tastings, competitions and new Scoop Stores opening during the festivities.

This week-long celebration aims to shine a light on New Zealand’s finest ice cream, gelato, and sorbet makers, highlighting the vibrancy and diversity of the country’s growing industry. It’s the perfect opportunity for food lovers to discover innovative flavours and new products while engaging with the country’s growing community of ice cream and gelato makers and scoop stores.

It’s widely reported – although hard to verify – that global ice cream consumption data puts Kiwis at the top of the world when it comes to ice cream consumption per capita. In 2022, the average Kiwi was reported to enjoy 28.4 litres of ice cream and gelato – which is a testament to the high quality of ice cream and gelato made by a dedicated collection of makers across the country.

Kicking off the festivities, NZ Ice Cream Sundae on Sunday 5 November 2023, set the tone for a week filled with sweet treats and memorable moments. From then until the following Sunday, ice cream and gelato stores – selling product from members of the NZ Ice Cream Association – will offer a variety of exciting activities, including tastings, competitions, and special promotions.

Vote for your favourite scoop store

One of the exciting aspects of NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Week is the opportunity ice cream and gelato lovers to have their voice heard by voting for their Favourite NZ ice cream or gelato maker, as well as their Favourite NZ Scoop Store. And the sweetest part? By voting, there’s a chance to win some fantastic prizes! Voting is easy at www.nzicecreamandgelato.co.nz.

But that’s not all! NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Week will also see the grand opening of new scoop stores.

‘Little ‘Lato’ – which was the first gelato maker to win the NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Awards Boutique Champion Trophy in 2022 – opens at 401 Grey Street, Hamilton East. Gian’s Sorbetes is opening in Hurstmere Road, Takapuna to share the taste of Asia made in Aotearoa. These new Scoop Stores promise to enhance the experience and choice for Kiwi ice cream and gelato aficionados.

The week is created and funded by the NZ Ice Cream Association, with Association President Kristy Giles, who is Executive Director at Nelson ice cream maker Appleby Farms, saying it’s a great way to kick off the summer season. “We want to remind food lovers about the value of buying local and supporting artisans in their community. When they enjoy award-winning New Zealand ice cream, gelato and sorbet and they’re supporting Kiwi farmers and small businesses.”

NZ Ice Cream Association member brands excited to take part in NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Week include; Appleby Farms, Deep South Ice Cream, G’Nature, Gian’s Sorbetes, Gelissimo Gelato, Ginelli’s, Gelato Roma, Hello Ewe, Island Gelato Company, Kaffee Eis, Kāpiti Ice Cream, Kowhai Creamery, Lewis Road Creamery, Little ‘Lato, Motueka Creamery, Much Moore Ice Cream Co, Patagonia Chocolates, PURE New Zealand Ice Cream, Takapuna Beach Café, Tip Top Ice Cream Company, Valentino’s Gelato, Wahiki Creamery and Zany Zeus.

Join the celebration and share your love for New Zealand’s finest ice cream and gelato makers by using the hashtags #lovenzicecream, #lovenzgelato, and #nzicecreamandgelato on your social media posts. Stay connected and updated on all the sweet happenings through the official NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Week social media channels: www.facebook.com/NZIceCreamandGelatoLovers


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