For the bold – new Doritos Cool Ranch Flavoured Corn Chips

For the bold – new Doritos Cool Ranch Flavoured Corn Chips

rsz_cool_ranch_3d_renderThe undisputed king of corn chips in New Zealand, Doritos, is adding a new flavour to its successful flavour line up of Cheese Supreme, Nacho Cheese, Thai Sweet Chilli, Salsa, Flame grilled BBQ and Original Corn Chips.

Doritos Cool Ranch flavoured corn chips are already a proven winner with consumers in several countries around the world including the US, UK and Canada.

Jenni Dill, Doritos Marketing Director said “Doritos Cool Ranch Flavoured Corn Chips deliver a powerful Doritos crunch that consumers love with a knock out globally successful flavour. The new flavour is a delicious blend of creamy cheese with onion garlic and herbs, delivering news to corn chip segment and helping to fuel brand and category growth.”

Doritos Cool Ranch will be available in a 175 gram pack size. The launch will be supported by a range of activations on the Doritos Facebook page.

Did you know?

When Herman Cortez conquered Mexico in 1521, he not only captured the vast wealth of Aztec gold, but he also introduced the world to the perfect snack – the tortilla. Doritos are tortilla corn chips – literally translated from Spanish “Doritos” means “little bits of gold”.

Unsurprisingly for a corn based snack, Doritos start life as corn on the cob. Whole corn kernels are harvested and then cleaned and graded so that only the best go on to become Doritos Corn Chips.

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