BIC’s new campaign features Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

BIC’s new campaign features Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

After a highly successful launch, BIC‘s new EZ Reach™ multi-purpose lighter arrives in New Zealand with a humorous campaign fronted by Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg.

The ultimate lighter for all flame occasions has an innovative design and is a perfect combination of the iconic BIC Pocket Lighter and the longer-reaching BIC multi-purpose lighter, making it the ideal companion to light flames in hard-to-reach places without burning your fingers.

The BIC EZ Reach™ lighter features a 3.5 cm extended wand that helps keep fingers further from the flame. Whether you’re lighting candles, grilling at home or getting ready to warm up by the fireplace, BIC EZ Reach™ is there to light the way. Its body is the size of a pocket lighter, so it fits comfortably in users’ hands, bags and pockets, making it the ideal lighting companion for every day.

“When we launched the BIC EZ Reach™ lighter in the United States, it was an instant success and one of our most successful product launches in recent history,” comments Mark O’Sullivan General Manager of BIC APAC. “As the lighter category leader, BIC continues to innovate to become ever more consumer centric. With the BIC EZ Reach™ lighter we want to offer shoppers a simple and efficient solution to light hard-to-reach places like candle jars and grills, while keeping their fingers away from the flame. We are very excited to launch this ultimate lighter in the  New Zealand market and believe it will quickly become a must-have item in every home!”

BIC’s credo is to provide simple, inventive, reliable choices for everyone, everywhere, every time, and to do this responsibly, with the planet, society and future generations in mind. In this context, BIC Lighters is engaged in a journey to transform 80% of its range to more environmentally performant products within the next five years. The BIC EZ Reach™ lighter is designed to honour this commitment, manufactured using four times less plastic and 30% less packaging and reduces carbon emissions by 66% compared to the regular and larger multi-purpose lighter (BIC internal estimate).

BIC applied its same commitment to safety and quality in designing the BIC EZ Reach™ lighter that it uses for all of its lighters. The high-performing, long-lasting BIC EZ Reach™ lighters feature a one-click ignition system which produces a reliable flame every time you use it. Manufactured in BIC’s lighter factory in Spain, each lighter undergoes more than 50 quality and safety checks during the manufacturing process to ensure it meets or exceeds all safety standards to keep consumers safe.

Entertainment legend Snoop Dogg and lifestyle innovator Martha Stewart have a strong friendship and have collaborated on many projects together including cooking shows, entertaining celebrity guests and even a cookbook.

In the humorous campaign, the iconic duo illustrates the multiple uses of BIC EZ ReachTM, which is ideal for lighting hard-to-reach places while keeping fingers away from the flame.

“The BIC EZ Reach lighter offers a solution to the everyday problem of lighting hard-to-reach places, whether you are lighting candles, entertaining guests outdoors or adding a finishing touch to that special birthday cake,” says Martha Stewart. “I’m thrilled to partner with BIC to launch the beautifully designed and packaged EZ Reach lighters which bring function, innovation, inspiration and beauty into the home and onto the table.”

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