BBQs and summer entertaining

BBQs and summer entertaining

From convenient, tasty salads to a great selection of platters made to order and local or international cheeses – summer entertaining is where the delicatessen in store really shines, says Foodstuffs Category Manager Delicatessen & Meal Solutions, Rebecca Tuhakaraina.

“Ready-to-heat meal solutions are high in demand. We’ve definitely noticed a lot of recent sales growth of ready-to-heat and ready-to-cook meal solutions.

“Our freshly topped instore pizzas are a great option for shoppers looking for a simple, quick and affordable dinner. And the bake-in-tray packaging is a real mess-saver in the kitchen.

“Halloumi is in growing demand – a lovely addition to the summer BBQ, or for shoppers looking for less meat in their diet. Fresh mozzarella and bocconcini are also summer faves alongside cow’s milk feta, and we’re also seeing growing demand for sheep and goats milk cheeses for shoppers with specific dietary requirements.

“We will continue to develop inhouse products in the meal solutions segment, showcasing great products we make in store, like delicious roasted pork paired up with fresh salad on freshly baked bakery baguette,” says Tuhakaraina.

The FMCG Business team has also seen interesting innovations in BBQ burgers recently, including Angus Beef + Pickle Burgers from Taranaki’s Green Meadows Beef, tasty plant-based alternatives such as Angel Bay’s Gourmet Veggie Burger Patties, and Hellers new Lone Star Rib Sauce Burger.

Hellers set to sizzle this Summer

New Zealand’s cherished tradition of BBQ is undergoing a transformation in response to the evolving dynamics of our work lives. The rise of hybrid working has ushered in a fresh trend, with approximately 30% of all BBQ’s now occurring during the work week1 These mid-week BBQs are becoming increasingly popular, offering Kiwis more opportunities to enjoy the delights of outdoor cooking.

This shift in BBQ habits is more than just a fleeting trend; it reflects a broader societal change. With remote work becoming more common, the traditional weekend BBQ has expanded to include weekdays. Whether it’s a Tuesday evening or a Thursday night, Kiwis are firing up the grill and savouring the company of friends and family. We can expect mid-week BBQs to continue growing as our work schedules remain flexible.

Marketing Manager Brydon Heller explains: “Hellers shines brightly at mealtimes! Boasting an impressive 89% unprompted brand awareness among Kiwis2, this family trusted brand continues

to dominate categories across butchery. In the realm of pre-cooked flavoured sausages, Hellers is the undisputed champion, commanding an astounding 99% market share and experiencing growth at 17.4%3 (MAT Value). For burgers, Hellers maintains the highest branded product MAT value market share at 23.5%3. In the fresh sausage category, Hellers leads the way with an impressive 31.5% share in a category that’s growing at 10.5%3 (MAT Value).”

This summer Hellers is set to tantalize our taste buds with exciting new products across a range of categories. The Hellers Nacho Cheese Sausage is a flavourful innovation that’s sure to be a hit at any BBQ. And their collaboration with Lone Star brings life to the Hellers Lone Star Rib Sauce Burger, which promises to add a mouthwatering twist to our favourite BBQ staples.

Hellers has also ventured into a unique partnership with Bluebird, offering Rashuns and Burger Ring flavoured precooked sausages, these promise to excite the kids and adults!

The BBQ landscape in New Zealand is evolving, with mid-week gatherings becoming the new norm, and Hellers NZ continuing to hold a special place in our hearts and on our grills. As we savour these delicious innovations, let’s embrace the changing nature of our BBQs, knowing that our love for good food and great company remains unwavering, regardless of the day of the week.

Source: 1 National BBQ Week, 2023

Barker’s Platter Makers – the perfect partner for easy entertaining

Barker’s of Geraldine have launched the perfect partner for the upcoming summer entertaining season with their new Platter Makers range. This new range of savoury jams and antipastos have been developed for easy entertaining, whether it’s at home, the beach or BBQ, they’re the perfect addition to a platter or cheese board. Simply, dip, spread, graze and enjoy!

The Platter Makers range comes in six delicious flavours to appeal to all tastes: Chilli Jam; Mango, Chilli & Lime Jam; Blackcurrant & Red Onion Jam; Kalamata Olive Antipasto; Roasted Capsicum Antipasto; and Sundried Tomato & Olive Antipasto.

Barker’s Platter Makers are widely available nationally across New World and Countdown stores and can be found in either the deli or chutney sections of the supermarket.

Barker’s of Geraldine has become an iconic pantry staple and has recently undergone a brand refresh, looking to the future with a focus on appealing to a new generation of Barker’s consumers. The new label design is fresh and colourful, with energy and personality. The Platter Makers is one of the first ranges to hit shelves in this fresh new look, with other categories including spreads, syrups and chutneys to follow in the coming months. However, Barker’s fans can rest assured that the much-loved products and recipes inside remain the same! For more information about the range visit For orders please contact your Twin Agency representative.

Introducing Rum and Que’s flavour fusion – unleash the sizzle!!

“We are celebrating the marriage of beer and BBQ with our tantalizing beer-inspired BBQ seasonings,” says Matt Melville from Rum and Que Ltd. “Get ready to elevate your grilling game to new heights!”

“At Rum and Que, we believe in the power of perfect pairings, where the bold flavours of beer and the smoky goodness of BBQ collide. Our carefully crafted BBQ seasonings are infused with the essence of popular beer varieties, creating a symphony of flavours that will leave your guests begging for more.

“Let the Hazy rub transport you to a citrus-infused paradise, the Porter rub envelop you in rich smoky depths with malty and chocolate notes, and the Shandy rub refresh your palate with its zesty notes.

“Expect a sensory feast on our social media platforms, where we’ll share delectable recipes, inspiring grilling tips, and even a few contests! Share with us your own flavour combinations using our rubs.

“All our products are tested in the heat of competition, not only by us, but by a wide range of New Zealand and International teams.

“All our products are proudly made and packaged right here in New Zealand,” says Melville. To check out more of our range head to or check us out on our social media pages Facebook & Instagram @rumandque.

Ingham’s raises the bar in their barns

Ingham’s has become the first and only New Zealand company to be awarded the SPCA Blue Badge for Certified Animal Welfare Standards for barn-raised meat chickens. With their free-range chicken farms already meeting the standard, it means 100% of Ingham’s chicken farms are now SPCA Certified; a first in New Zealand.

“Kiwis love their chicken,” says Ingham’s Chief Executive, New Zealand, Ed Alexander. “More than a third of all our meals with meat are chicken. We also know how much Kiwis care about the way animals are farmed in Aotearoa, so this was always an important benchmark for us to reach. Especially to be the first to do so.”

“With the Ingham’s brand growing across both the fresh and frozen categories, and their ever-popular chicken nuggets going from strength to strength, the timing is perfect. Value growth for the year to date is up an impressive +31% in the fresh chicken category, +17.6% in the frozen chicken category and +20% in the frozen chicken nugget category.*”

“Animal welfare has always been a top priority for us. Our association with SPCA has been our motivation to make the tweaks we needed to –and wanted to. Now we can proudly bear the SPCA Certified Blue Badge on all our chicken meat products which we hope sets a benchmark for the entire industry,” says Alexander.

With 175 strenuous standards, the SPCA Certification is no mean feat to achieve. Every Ingham’s chicken farmer needs to meet these measurable, science-based chicken welfare standards to continue supplying products.

Ingham’s barn-raised chicken meat products bearing the SPCA Certified blue badge will be available on supermarket shelves from the end of November.

*YTD value growth for Fresh Chicken up to 15 October 2023, YTD value growth for Frozen Chicken and Frozen Chicken Nuggets up to 24 September 2023.

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