Australian supermarkets support cage-free eggs

Australian supermarkets support cage-free eggs

Free range chickens on a lawn pecking the groundIn a landmark step, Woolworths has announced the Canberra region will be the first territory to sell only cage-free eggs as part of the supermarket’s ongoing commitment to remove cage eggs from all outlets by December 2018. As of this month, none of the 19 stores within the region will stock cage eggs, offering consumers a choice of barn laid, free-range and organic range eggs instead.

The move has been made possible via a partnership with local supplier Parkwood Eggs. Parkwood has converted its farms in the region to cage-free and will now supply some of the Woolworths private label products and a new local brand of Parkwood Eggs from its farm in MacGregor, in north-west Canberra.

Woolworths will also remove caged eggs as ingredients from all of its Homebrand products by the end of 2018.

Meanwhile in Warrandyte, Melbourne independent retailer Quinton’s SUPA IGA is believed to be the first supermarket in Australia to completely remove both cage and barn eggs from its shelves.

The store has since received a swell of support from locals as well as from animal rights supporters globally.

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