Australia: New ‘Dine in’ options at Woolworths

Australia: New ‘Dine in’ options at Woolworths

Woolworths in Australia has launched a new range of 35 convenient and affordable ‘Dine In’ meal options for the family.

The range is being trialled across 100 stores in NSW and Victoria, and includes a full 1.6kg dinner comprising a whole roast chicken, herb roasted potatoes, corn cobs, carrot and pumpkin wedges for $25, or $6.25 per serve, through to pastas including a 1.2kg meat lovers pasta bake for $20, or $5 per serve.

All of the options are made to cook within 35 minutes, and are air-fryer friendly to cater to the increasing popularity of the latest kitchen gadget by many Australians.

The initial trial which launched last month has already proven popular, with more than 90,000 products sold so far.

The most popular products so far include:

  • Mexican chicken with vegetables 1.6kg
  • Chicken parmigiana with mash and vegetables 1.6kg
  • Spanish paella 1.2kg

The new Dine In offering comes as Australians swap dining out for dining in, with Woolworths customer research showing that 40 percent of customers are cutting back on eating out, or not eating out at all, to help save money.

Since July last year, Woolworths has also seen double digit growth in prepared meals showing customer demand increasing for convenience meals at home.

The products in the range were developed by Woolworths in-house chefs in partnership with suppliers.

Matt Harbich, Merchandise Manager for Chilled Meals Woolworths said: “We wanted to give our customers that feeling of a Friday night at the local pub or Italian restaurant in the convenience of their home, and importantly at an affordable price.

“Our Dine In range is intended to cater to busy and budget-conscious customers who are looking for quick and easy meals for their families, that both kids and their parents will love.

“Convenience meals are not new, however, we’ve come very far from the bland microwave dinners of the past.

“Pre-made meals are getting tastier and better, and we have the benefit of our Woolworths Food Company team and supplier partners being able to create a range of tasty and hearty options for us to bring to market to test and learn based on current food trends. This allows us to continue to evolve the range based on what our customers want.”

The Dine In range is currently available in selected stores only across NSW and Victoria*. Woolworths will continue to roll out more products across more stores based on initial customer feedback to the trial. The product range will continue to evolve based on customer feedback.

At this point in time, there is no plan to introduce the ‘Dine In’ range in New Zealand, says a Woolworths spokesperson.

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