Australia: New check-out free store

07 June, 2019 by
FMCG Business

7-Eleven is at the forefront of technological advancements within the convenience industry with its newest checkout-free stores. The first store opened in this format is a concept store in Richmond, Melbourne which has been dubbed “cashless and cardless”.

The store enables customers to use a smartphone app to pay for their purchases within the store, cutting out the need for queues and checkouts.


“We’re trying to push the notion of ‘convenience’ to its absolute limit,” says 7-Eleven Chief Executive, Angus McKay.“In the new concept store, customers will notice the absence of a counter. The store feels more spacious and customers avoid being funnelled to a checkout location creating a frictionless in-store experience.”

There hasn’t been any further announcement about the rollout of other stores that utilise this technology.

The check-out free store is in a similar format to the Amazon Go stores that rolled out last year.