The team at Aoraki Salmon have always been quick to tell you that the taste of their salmon is connected to the place that it’s from.  Their Freshwater King Salmon thrive in the ice-cold waters that flow from Aoraki/Mt Cook and it’s this environment that creates a fish with a lighter, cleaner taste and a delicate texture.

With NZ consumers increasingly wanting to know more about product provenance, and the story behind the product, the Aoraki recently took the opportunity to better express their unique story on pack.  

They’ve done this in a number of ways. The predominant new ‘A’ brandmark represents the mountain for which the company is named after. The crisp white, overlaid with textured gloss lines, speaks to the freshness of their South Island alpine origins and new icons are used to highlight unique points of difference. The back-of-pack also now shares more of the Aoraki story, provides creative serving suggestions and introduces the people behind the product.

Along with a new look, the artisan smokers at Aoraki Salmon have also released two delicious new flavours of hot smoked salmon; Wholegrain mustard, balanced by smooth Mānuka honey & Cracked black pepper, complemented with a hint of vanilla.  The new flavour duo’s have been carefully selected to enhance the natural lightness of Freshwater King Salmon, without overwhelming it.

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