BREAKING: Nurofen NZ responds to Court action

BREAKING: Nurofen NZ responds to Court action


rsz_4_nurofen_period_pain_24_caplets_109320A PR agency acting on behalf of Nurofen New Zealand has issued the following press release.

“Nurofen NZ acknowledges the statement by New Zealand Commerce Commission that it has filed charges under the Fair Trading Act 1986 relating to the marketing of its specific-pain range in the Auckland District Court today. The products impacted represent less than 5% of the New Zealand Nurofen range.

Nurofen New Zealand has cooperated fully with the New Zealand Commerce Commission (NZCC) in its investigation.

The Nurofen specific-pain range was launched in New Zealand to provide easy navigation of pain-relief within the grocery environment where pharmacy support is not available. The packaging of all Nurofen specific-pain products in New Zealand was changed by March this year to make clear that the different products could be used to treat other forms of pain.

All Nurofen products which have the same active ingredient, pack-size, format and formulation have the same manufacturer’s recommended retail price (RRP).

Nurofen NZ cannot comment further at this stage as the matter is now before the Court.

This court action applies to New Zealand only and does not apply to other countries/regions or to other products in the Nurofen range.

Background information:

It is important to note that not all Nurofen products are formulated the same. Nurofen products are comprised of different formulations of ibuprofen, which require specific manufacturing processes. The New Zealand Nurofen specific-pain range contains ibuprofen lysine – a unique formulation in the Nurofen range.”

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