$100,000 donation to mark a milestone

$100,000 donation to mark a milestone

Countdown is celebrating 10 years of partnership with The Salvation Army and never has the tin anniversary felt more fitting. Whether it’s baked beans, spaghetti, soup or vegetables, the humble tin will once again be making its way into plenty of food parcels, thanks to Countdown and its customers, this Winter Appeal.

Over the past 10 years, Countdown and The Salvation Army together with Countdown customers, have been able to provide millions of parcels of food and essentials to Kiwis in need. This year is no exception, with Countdown getting behind the Winter Appeal with a $100,000 donation and encouraging customers to donate what they can via The Foodbank Project.

Commissioner Mark Campbell, The Salvation Army’s territorial commander, says that this support continues to be instrumental in their aspiration to create food-secure communities.

“During what has been a challenging and unprecedented decade for so many reasons, Countdown and its customers have always been there to support our work. We’re so grateful for the thousands of generous customers that donate every year to help us make an impact that matters.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has, unfortunately, exacerbated many social inequalities, including food insecurity. With inflation also at a more than 30-year high, we’re seeing more and more Kiwis struggle to make ends meet. The food and funds donated through the Winter Appeal will provide critical support to those who need it most.”

Countdown’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability, Kiri Hannifin, says the supermarket is honoured to have such a strong partnership with The Salvation Army, who  do incredibly important work for Aotearoa’s most vulnerable communities.

“A decade is a long time to have been working together and it’s a partnership that our team are all immensely proud of. Whether it’s rescuing food that we can’t sell or picking and packing The Foodbank Project orders, it’s a real highlight being able to support the Sallies and the Kiwis they help every day.

“Looking back over the past ten years, it’s fantastic to see just how much we have been able to donate together with our customers, whose generosity is really humbling. We’re hoping that Kiwis will again show how kind-hearted they are this winter by donating to our appeal.”

Countdown’s Food for Good Winter Appeal runs from 8 to 28 August with the supermarket matching public donations up to $100,000. Kiwis can donate items online at The Foodbank Project: https://www.foodbank.org.nz/winterappeal. Countdown supports The Foodbank Project through providing items at cost and delivering The Foodbank Project donations to foodbanks across New Zealand free of charge.

Facts and figures:

•        Aucklanders are the most generous donors, having donated $3.2million to The Foodbank Project

•        Countdown donates around $4million worth of food each year through its Food Rescue Programme

•        In the past year alone, if we stacked up every can of baked beans donated, it would be five times taller than the Sky Tower.

•        Kiwis have donated enough frozen vegetables to The Foodbank Project to fill three Countdown delivery trucks in the past year.

•        Since The Foodbank Project launched in 2015, more than $8m worth of food has been donated and passed on to food banks across Aotearoa.

•        Countdown has donated more than $3m of funds to support The Salvation Army services over the past decade.

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