FMCG Business was invited to China and took a trade-exclusive peek behind the scenes at the world’s largest Starbucks.

Jingan District in Shanghai is reminiscent of LA’s famous Rodeo Drive with manicured lawns, gardens and shopping for the rich and possibly famous.

In this devoted tea-drinking country, Starbucks has launched their Reserve Roastery, one of only two in the world and the largest at about 30,000 square feet. Located at 789 West Nanjing Road in Shanghai, this latest Starbucks Reserve Roastery is the second iteration of a currently-planned six Roasteries launching around the world. Despite drawing its inspiration from the flagship Roastery in Seattle, the Shanghai location exceeds the original in scale.

Only a few months old (launched in December 2017), the venue is as much an amazing experience as it is a retail outlet. The Reserve Roastery has an in-house bakery, fresh coffee roasting and most noticeably also a vast array of merchandise on offer. The Shanghai Roastery was crafted as a veritable shrine to coffee, where visitors are immersed in the sights, sounds and aromas of coffee being roasted on-site, swept off to brewing stations and expertly prepared by master baristas.

Equipped with advanced payments systems by Alipay, plus augmented reality games and ordering platforms, this is a futuristic look at the way hospitality retail has evolved.

But will the Chinese take to it?

We have a simple answer… this Starbucks serves a staggering 7,000-8,000 visitors per day!

FMCG Business travelled to China courtesy of Alibaba.