UK: Royal Wedding

15 May, 2018 by
FMCG Business

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married on Saturday at Windsor Castle, home to kings and queens for nearly 1,000 years. The wedding was not just a very happy occasion, but was also expected to boost the UK economy by up to £80 million – and food and drink products were a significant part of that.

Meghan and Harry-themed beer and chips are now available in the UK, as a selection of food and drink brands created special edition products in the lead up to the Royal wedding. Meanwhile, Iceland Foods produced a wedding cake, made in the style of Prince Harry and Meghan’s but costing just £8.


Iceland Foods has produced a wedding cake, made in the style of Prince Harry and Meghan’s.

The cake has three layers of light lemon sponge filled with elderflower buttercream and Sicilian lemon curd. It’s the creation of Iceland’s head chef Neil Nugent, who chose all the details he believes were included in Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake.

Marmite revealed a set of commemorative jars, with the names of Harry and Meghan and Supermarket M&S designed a special tin of biscuits for the occasion. The tradition biscuit tin is priced at £6 and is inscribed with the words ‘To commemorate the marriage of Prince Henry of Wales and Ms. Meghan Markle.

A brewery in the town of Windsor, where the wedding took place on May 19, has created a special brew for the occasion. The ‘Harry & Meghan’s Windsor Knot’ pale ale combines British and American hops with barley grown on the Royal Farms next to Windsor Castle. The finishing touch is champagne yeast. The Windsor Knot ale was first brewed for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Chips brand Tyrrells designed a special edition to commemorate the wedding – unveiling a Ginger & Sparkle flavour of its parsnip crisps.

Popular sparkling water brand SodaStream also released a collection of limited edition water bottles to mark the occasion. They will be auctioned to help the plastic-free charity Surfers Against Sewage, the charity that is supported by the royal couple.