Two decades of rewarding excellence

Two decades of rewarding excellence

rsz_6-two_decades_of_rewarding_excellence-marc_soper_lamb_dishNew Zealand beef and lamb connoisseurs are celebrating a big milestone this year. For the 20th time, culinary trained professionals are assessing beef and lamb dishes across the country for the annual Beef and Lamb Excellence Awards.

The nation’s longest running culinary awards credit the talent of chefs and restaurants who consistently produce a high calibre of cuisine, testimony to the timelessness of New Zealand beef and lamb.

Over the past month, entries have been pouring in with existing Excellence Award holders hoping to secure themselves another plate.

Beef and Lamb New Zealand Food Service Manager, Lisa Moloney, says in addition to the existing award holders, a good number of new restaurants have also entered. “I’ve heard from many chefs this year, who are new entrants to the Beef and Lamb Excellence Awards. They have been creating new and innovative dishes to impress restaurant assessors.

“They want to showcase their skills with New Zealand beef and lamb to hopefully secure themselves a gold plate,” she said.

Assessors are looking for a consistent standard of beef and lamb cookery from chefs. Each dish is assessed on its presentation, flavour harmonies, preparation and cooking of the meat and overall flair and execution of each dish.

The 2016 Beef and Lamb Excellence Awards present restaurants with a gold plate to honour the chef’s culinary craft in excellent beef and lamb dishes.

The assessment period runs until the end of October, where culinary trained anonymous assessors attend and assess the dishes of hopeful restaurants.

This year’s gold plate recipients will be announced on December 1st and will hold the award for the duration of 2016.

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