Support Fairtrade Fortnight

05 August, 2019 by
FMCG Business

The next two weeks are a great opportunity to make your commitment to empowering farmers and workers even more visible, and encourage family, friends and colleagues to get involved too. Fairtrade Fortnight is officially underway – until 15th August!

Whenever you stock or purchase a product carrying the Fairtrade Mark, you’re helping to empower producers, like Mitchell Ricky and other farmers in Papua New Guinea, to have more control over their lives and livelihoods, because they’ve been paid a fair price for the commodities they produce and earned additional money to invest in their businesses and communities.


When you support Fairtrade products you’re putting some extras on your shopping list: gender equality, the eradication of child labour and modern slavery, fair prices and wages for farmers and workers, and improving the environment. There are more than 2,500 Fairtrade certified products available, from everyday basics like coffee, tea or chocolate.

The power to create real, positive change is in your hands. Fairtrade ANZ wants to give you everything you need to harness that power and spread the word about the positive impact of Fairtrade. For educational resources, great stories and to find out where to buy Fairtrade products, visit the Fairtrade Fortnight website.