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At a media function in Auckland with celebrity foodies such as Nadia Lim in attendance, family-owned Meadow Mushrooms proudly announced a new addition to their fresh range: New Zealand grown shiitake mushrooms.

Shiitakes make a welcome extension to the trusted range of pre-packed, loose and bagged products produced on the Canterbury farm. A premium identity and consumer campaign have also been created for the launch, to help reinforce their premium positioning.

Shiitake mushrooms growing on a log.

Commonly accessible as a dried product, fresh shiitakes are still largely unavailable in New Zealand. So, the launch reaffirms Meadow Mushroom’s position as both a market leader and the nation’s favourite mushroom brand. There is a growing trend for specialty produce, particularly from adventurous Kiwis looking to expand their palate and cooking repertoire and further new products are scheduled for release in the future.

Renowned as an essential ingredient in Asian cooking for centuries, Meadow Mushrooms want to inspire the people of New Zealand to elevate their favourite dishes with shiitake’s famous umami flavouring, while showing how they are perfect as both the star ingredient and as an accompaniment to the nation’s favourite mushroom dishes.

Meadow Mushroom’s Premium Fresh shiitakes will be available in 1 kg loose and 100gm pre-packs around the country in June.

[Photography: Bri DiMattina]

Celebrity foodie Nadia Lim (centre) attended the launch function.

For more information, look out for the June issue of FMCG Business.

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