Thomas Oakley-Newell from C&I sits down with Peter Jowett runner-up Kailee Weir, Trade Marketing Rep, BAT NZ.

C&I: How did it feel coming runner-up in the 2021 Peter Jowett Scholarship?

Weir: Firstly, I am grateful we were still able to present our ideas in an online platform, which was very fitting considering everything has moved digitally in a pandemic environment. Presenting online is a skill we have had to adopt and was not an easy feat. It was a tough competition, as candidate presentations were exceptional. Throughout this journey I was able to connect with many facets of the business and gain deeper insights into building business proposals and it has broadened my scope into the convenience sector. The experience gained from such an opportunity provided by NZACS was invaluable.

C&I: Can you tell us a little about your Peter Jowett submission concept?

Weir: Digital transformation is accelerating across the retail industry and the ongoing pandemic has made technology more important than ever before. My concept – LitE, embraces this by using a

simple adaption of technology that links from the petrol kiosk to a mobile application, which allows customers to purchase various consumer goods. This captures additional spend and increases foot traffic, driving a highly profitable business model.

C&I: Why is the Peter Jowett Scholarship so important to the industry?

Weir: Peter Jowett influences lateral thinking around possible solutions to issues faced by the convenience sector and encourages up and coming leaders to stretch their approach when developing innovative solutions. 

C&I: How do you see the convenience industry evolving?

Weir: Covid-19 has changed the way consumers shop and their preferences while doing so. BAT itself is evolving at pace into a truly multicategory CPG company and transforming to reduce the health impact of our business, so it is critical we keep closely aligned with similar evolutions across the convenience sector. The pandemic has accelerated payment digitalisation across the entire retail sector. Frictionless payment and digital wallets are becoming more mainstream. Consumers are craving convenience, and retailers must continue to adapt their operations for evolving consumer behaviours.

C&I: What are you most looking forward to over the next year?

Weir: I am extremely grateful for both the personal and professional growth the scholarship process has provided me across 2021. Looking toward 2022, I endeavour to further grow these learnings and hope that I can mentor a future candidate of the Peter Jowett scholarship awards. I look forward to watching convenience continue to adapt and grow.

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