Rogue Beverages enjoyed massive growth in the Australian market in 2020 and is now looking to secure a distribution partner to launch into New Zealand.

The boutique beverage company was founded by three highly experienced senior executives, Paul Fitzgerald, Sean Cunial and Myles Davis, who have a combined 70 years of global beverage industry experience. They came together to challenge the industry’s status quo by accelerating the introduction of new global trends to local markets.

They recognised that there was an untapped area of opportunity within the functional wellness category in Australia and New Zealand. Globally people are becoming more mindful of the ingredients they are consuming and with that the category has grown to be worth an estimated US$68 billion.

In Australia, Rogue Beverages is looking to continue its growth momentum in 2021 while also launching its products into New Zealand.

Rogue Beverages has two ranges of functional wellness shots. The first is called SHOJO, which has been inspired by established Asian remedies. SHOJO is sold in two flavours; the first is Turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties, combined with B Vitamins to support metabolic function, and reduce tiredness, as well as Vitamin C to support immunity. The second contains Red Ginseng, which improves cognitive performance, combined with B Vitamins that support neurological function and reduces fatigue, and Vitamin C to support immunity. 

The second product range is called VITONIC, which is based on indigenous Aboriginal and Maori botanicals with natural functional benefits. VITONIC is also sold in two flavours. The first, Kakadu Plum and Acacia Tonic, which contains prebiotics to help with gut health and boosts immunity with its high natural concentration of Vitamin C. The second flavour is NZ Boysenberry and Kawa Kawa Tonic, which is high in anthocyanins to assist in managing lung health, supports pain relief, and reduces fatigue.

Myles Davis, Co-founder, and Director of Rogue Beverages told C&I that both brands have been developed in conjunction with nutritionist Nikki Hart containing ingredients that are supported by peer reviewed scientific papers that substantiate their functional benefits.

“One of the benefits of having Nikki look over these is that we are specifically targeting those benefits that the consumer needs and making sure that these ingredients are backed up by research,” he says.

“Our mission is to challenge the industry’s status quo by accelerating the introduction of new global trends to the market,” says Davis.

“Leveraging our background, we aim to bring retailers genuine innovation that creates new segments within the beverage category and delivers incremental growth and margin.

“Our team has a passion for wellness and for giving consumers what they want, not what’s convenient. This creates opportunities and solutions that are often overlooked by big, multinational corporations and allows us to pursue rapid innovation.

“The petrol and convenience channels are extremely important as we see both SHOJO and VITONIC as convenient products for health-conscious, on-the-go consumers living busy lives.

“We’re looking to partner with innovative retailers that can see the emerging trend of immunity boosting products.”

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