New Zealand’s favourite banana and pineapple brand, Dole New Zealand, is celebrating this year’s International Banana Day on 21st April and encouraging Kiwis to celebrate by powering up with bananas – the ultimate healthy convenience food.

New Zealanders are very fond of bananas, getting through 18kg of this yellow fruit each per year according to Statistics New Zealand. It’s no wonder given that Dole bananas provide an excellent and popular source of carbohydrates that transports well to school, work, gym or on the run. *In fact, bananas are easily digested and have 23g of carbohydrates, 400g potassium, and twice as much Vitamin C as apples and pears per serving.

As well as Dole bananas being a convenient snack, they also make a great addition to many recipes. Check out Dole’s range of nutritious and delicious banana recipes on their website that Kiwis can make to celebrate the day.

Bananas are not only a yummy and healthy food – they’re also guilt-free, thanks to their sustainability factor. Dole’s Ecuador bananas (and Tropical Gold pineapples) are proudly certified by the Rainforest Alliance and bear the little green frog emblem certification seal. This certification reinforces Dole’s commitment to sustainability, worker’s wellbeing, and high-quality products, and Kiwis can make sure they’re shopping consciously by looking for the green frog emblem.

Alongside Dole’s Rainforest Alliance partnership, the brand is working towards providing access to sustainable nutrition for one billion people worldwide by 2025 as part of its Dole Promise. Dole is helping to achieve this in New Zealand via several local initiatives, including a partnership with Oke Charity, which builds fruit and vegetable gardens in South Auckland primary schools, and via its Good Bunch initiative, which will see 48,000 bananas donated via Salvation Army food banks this year. That’s a lot of bananas!

So no matter what you’re doing on 21st April, make sure to take a moment to power up with bananas to celebrate International Banana Day – head out on a nature walk with a banana snack, do some baking with friends and family, or simply pop one in your lunchbox. Happy International Banana Day!

To find out more about International Banana Day and how you can celebrate, visit Dole’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

*Percentage Daily Intakes from 5+ADay.

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