Oakley’s Premium Fresh Vegetables Ltd are proud to announce the installation of 564 solar panels to power their Southbridge post-harvest site in Canterbury.

Potatoes and broccoli will be packed and cooled in one of the largest South Island solar installations providing for 40% of Oakley’s yearly energy demands using 390-watt panels. This includes their award-winning Golden Gourmet Potato boxes. Oakley’s worked with CPS Solar to implement the grid-tied solar system where significant tons of spuds will be washed and graded using natural sun power. This reduces carbon emissions efficiently storing, washing, packing and dispatching fresh vegetables across the country.

Solar panels at Oakley’s

The family business is excited to take steps towards the United Nations sustainable development goal for affordable and clean energy, setting an example to fellow Kiwi farms.

The project complements the three Balance Farm Environment Awards in 2020 for excellence in soil management, scientific monitoring and innovation.

Oakley’s are industry leaders in harnessing the latest technology to minimise environmental impacts like extensive use of on-farm moisture probes, which accurately measure soil moisture and are used to forecast irrigation requirements in conjunction with up-to-date weather forecast information and crop demands. Oakley’s also carry out extensive soil and plant nutrient testing to ensure just the right amount and the timing of fertiliser applications are made to maximize the quality and yield. These are some of the tools Oakley’s use to work beyond best practice and have a truly sustainable business.

Robin Oakley

Oakley’s will contribute to the country’s renewable electricity generation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions as the New Zealand government aims to reach a 90% renewable electricity target with this solar approach.

Oakley’s are committed to leaving the earth better than they found it and proud to impact New Zealand environmental growth.

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