The first week of lockdown hits a high in sales for 2021 just behind the first
lockdown in 2020.

During the first week of the current lockdown Kiwis spent $400.8 million on groceries, up 39.2% compared to the same week last year. However, it’s still not a patch on the first-ever lockdown in New Zealand when we hit more than $464 million in sales, up 67.7%.

Food & Beverages have become more important to shopper baskets this year making up 78.8% of sales and contributing 82.6% of grocery channel growth.

Households have adjusted grocery spending this lockdown

Dairy, alcohol, snacking and beverages have seen gains in share of food & beverage spend versus the 2020 lockdown. In non-food general merchandise, tobacco and household have all picked up share.

Kiwis head into lockdown this year ready to indulge

Our priorities have changed this lockdown with Kiwis looking for ways to indulge at
home. So while toilet paper topped sales growth last year, this year it was beer, wine,
chilled small goods (driven by bacon) and cheese.

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