MPI: Be vigilant about gluten-free claims

04 December, 2017 by
FMCG Business

The Ministry for Primary Industries is reminding food businesses which make claims that their food is gluten-free to ensure their suppliers provide evidence of any claims they are making about the presence of allergens.

“These food businesses need to have robust processes in place with their suppliers so that their customers can be assured that they are getting what is on the label,” says MPI’s manager food compliance services group, Melinda Sando.


“The reminder follows MPI’s recall of buckwheat flour supplied by Davis Food Ingredients. The affected buckwheat flour has been found to contain gluten and has been used as an ingredient in products advertised as gluten-free or products consumers consider to be gluten-free.

“To protect people who are gluten intolerant or have coeliac disease, these products have been or are being removed from shelves.”

The products currently being recalled are listed below:

  • Davis Trading brand Buckwheat Flour
  • Essenté brand Buckwheat Flour (1kg)
  • Bay Drive brand Chocolate Chip Cookies (6 pack)
  • Buckwheat flour sold from multiple businesses
  • Gluten Free Store Limited Brand Buckwheat Pancake Mix (360g)
  • Bin Inn Retail Group Limited Buckwheat Flour
  • CuisAnn brand heat and eat meals
  • Gluten Free Choice brand bread
  • Venerdi brand Gluten Freedom Fancier Sourdough Pizza Bases (400g)

“The Ministry is aware that more potentially affected buckwheat has been distributed. These shipments were imported earlier in the year and it is likely that most of the product will have already been used.

“However, we are conducting a trace-back to find the specific products involved and the list will continue to be updated on the MPI food recalls page.

“People who have these products at home should be aware that they contain gluten. If they are following a gluten free diet, they should not consume the products and return them to the place they were purchased or throw them away.

“If people have any concerns about their health after eating any of the affected products, they should seek advice from their doctor.”