The Naked Kernel

A true game changer in the microwave popcorn category has just launched in 2021. The Naked Kernel is proudly 100% NZ made and features clean labelling with no artificial colours or flavours!

Founders Trent Brock and Michael Howe are well versed in everything popcorn with over 10 years’ experience since first launching New Zealand Kettle Korn, a premium, small batch, kettle popped popcorn. They hope to lead the change in providing a healthier alternative for microwave popcorn.

The Naked Kernel has launched a first of its kind microwave popcorn, with their proprietary no chemical, Natural Pop bag. The Natural Pop bag is chemical free, no plastics and no metalized susceptor. 

While popcorn is often regarded as a relatively healthy and delicious snack, it is the chemically coated microwave bags in which the popcorn pops that many experts say could be a problem. Research has linked the coatings to numerous health issues. “I think many consumers were unaware of the potential health issues associated with microwave popcorn, not to mention the issues with hydrogenated oil and all of the artificial colours and flavours often found in other brands,” said Brock.

The company has reinvented the entire approach to microwave popcorn. The customer pops the Natural Pop bag in the microwave and then adds the butter and flavour sachets after the bag has fully popped. “This allows us to use real butter, premium oils and real flavours as opposed to artificial options,” said Brock.

The Naked Kernel has an RRP of $5.00 and is available in three flavours (Butter/Sea Salt, Maple, Sea Salt.) Contact your KML Representative for ranging.

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