Meadows for meal emergencies

29 September, 2017 by
FMCG Business

Having a meal emergency? Meadows canned mushrooms are your new pantry staple! Sometimes life throws us unexpected curveballs that we are just not prepared for. When those uninvited guests arrive on your doorstep right on dinner time or a total out-of-the blue visit from the in-laws, it is a reminder that we must keep the pantry well stocked with those reliable cans. When the emergency arises, Meadows mushrooms are your definite pantry staple!

Meadows canned mushrooms are the perfect solution to create a tasty, nutritious meal during times when we are not able to leave the house or leading up to the dreaded grocery shopping day. Whether you are adding Whole in Brine mushrooms to kebabs or creating a delicious creamy garlic pasta using the Sliced mushrooms in Garlic Sauce, there is something for every occasion and for everyone!


Meadows canned mushrooms are 100% grown in New Zealand and are 100% fresh when canned, which definitely helps to retain all their valuable nutrients! They contain selenium for a healthy heart and blood flow, B7 vitamins for metabolism and potassium to help the nervous system. This makes them an obvious choice to create a satisfying and delicious meal whilst easily injecting some required daily nutrients, and when you are short on time – just open the pantry!

MEADOWS MUSHROOMS WHOLE IN BRINE        220gm & 425gm RRP$2.19 & $3.50

MEADOWS MUSHROOMS SLICED IN BRINE                                          220gm & 425gm RRP$2.19 & $3.50

MEADOWS MUSHROOMS SLICED IN SAUCE                                        220gm & 425gm RRP$2.19 & $3.50

MEADOWS MUSHROOMS SLICED IN GARLIC SAUCE                        220gm & 425gm RRP$2.19 & $3.50

About Meadows

Meadows continues to be the leading producer of mushrooms in New Zealand. Proudly family owned since 1970, Meadows is dedicated to growing great tasting nutritious mushrooms to be enjoyed by kiwi families every day. Based in Christchurch, they are continually investing in innovation to produce the best quality farm product to kiwi kitchens. Picked daily, it’s guaranteed that Meadows mushrooms are always 100% fresh.

STOCKIST DETAILS: Meadows mushrooms are available at all major supermarkets and produce stores nationwide.  For more information or to locate your nearest stockist please visit or phone 03 349 8998.