It’s official: chocolate is a non-negotiable item on our shopping lists, even when times are tough.

Despite rising costs and inflationary pressures, Seasonal/Easter Confectionery sales at New Zealand supermarkets grew +4.1%* compared to Easter 2021 and +8.6% compared to 2020.

A new IRI report reveals that supermarket performance this Easter was up 6.8%* in value sales (driven mainly by price as unit sales were down – 0.7% compared to the Easter period last year).

Compared to two years ago when we were in New Zealand’s first level 4 lockdown, dollar sales are down 9.9% and -11.6% in unit sales. Unsurprisingly, the Easter occasion places confectionery at the top of shopping lists, making up 7.2% of overall supermarket sales during the Easter period compared to 4.0% on a MAT basis.

The IRI report revealed that the Lindt Chocolate Bunny was among the most popular items this Easter (Top 10 SKUs – Ranked on Dollar Sales – Easter 2022), followed by various seasonal Cadbury products.

Easter and Christmas are the key contributors for Total Confectionery sales at New Zealand supermarkets and the Easter period accounts for 6.7% of Confectionery’s annual sales.

“The inflationary environment didn’t stop Kiwis treating themselves this Easter with confectionery at the top of the shopping list,” says Debbie Simpson-Pudney, Head of Retail Solutions & Innovations at IRI.

*Based on the two-week period to April 17

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