Innovation and great tasting snacks have always been at the heart of Tasti.

“We understand as our consumers’ needs adapt and grow, we need to be able to evolve with them,” says Jodene Nigro, Marketing Manager of Tasti. “Our recent launches of Tasti Fruit + Vege Wholefood balls and Tasti Protein+ Probiotic bars highlights our commitment to innovation and providing consumers with healthier snacking options.”

Tasti Fruit + Vege Wholefood balls launch is a world-first, made with New Zealand apples and a combination of five natural ingredients, with no added sugar, colours or preservatives.

Unlike other snacking balls, Tasti’s Fruit + Vege Wholefood Balls consist of an apple puree base rather than dates, and are complemented by fruit, sunflower seed butter, coconut and freeze-dried vegetables.

“We’re delighted with consumers’ response to-date and the resurgence it’s bringing back to the wholefood balls segment.”

In August, Tasti launched Tasti Protein+ Probiotics bar. The new Protein+ Probiotics bar combines carefully selected superfood ingredients with a natural source of plant protein, leaving consumers feeling fuller for longer, as well as combining the power of probiotics to aid digestion, explains Nigro. “We saw a gap in the market to introduce a new bar which combines protein and probiotics in an easy on-the-go snack. This is the first time we’ve combined protein and probiotics, and we know this innovation will be beneficial to our consumers.”

The new range is available in three flavours including: Manuka Honey + Almond, Mango + Coconut and Red Berries.

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