It’s been a long time between drinks (or honeys) since our Honey New Zealand Honey Infusionz™ range has been on shelf, but we are bringing them back to a New World or Pak n Save near you (hopefully).

Our initial offering will see a classic from our range come back in the blackcurrant flavour, a classic flavour that is new to our range in the lemon flavour and the star of the range, which is our exciting new product aimed to take on the hazelnut and chocolate spread category with our cacao offering.

With at least 1-2% of all New Zealanders suffering from nut allergies, our Cacao Honey Infusionz™ is nut free, dairy free and has no added or refined sugar – a nutritious and delicious chocolate spread for everyone.

Made with only the best ingredients, our Honey New Zealand Honey Infusionz™ contain 100% natural powderised lemon and blackcurrant from New Zealand and 100% raw, organic cacao powder from Peru. When coupled with our natural New Zealand Wild Flora Honey, our Honey Infusionz™ can be used as a spread, a sweetener in drinks, drizzled on ice cream or eaten straight from the pot as a sweet treat!

Available at selected Pak ‘n’ Save and New World stores.

Contact for more information.


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