Woodland eggs cheesecake shop

Woodland is thrilled to announce they’re helping take The Cheesecake Shop’s delectable cakes to the next level, with the addition of delicious free range eggs.

A new unique partnership between New Zealand’s most popular free range egg brand* and The Cheesecake Shop means Kiwis can now have their cake and feel good too!

Woodland is now supplying free range eggs to The Cheesecake Shop’s 35 stores around New Zealand where delicious cakes are baked in store using premium ethically sourced ingredients.

“We are delighted to provide Woodland free range eggs to The Cheesecake Shop, knowing they really care about sourcing sustainable and ethical ingredients, and the Woodland way of farming meets their high standards,” says Bernadette de Bono, Woodland Group Marketing Manager.

Woodland free range eggs come from hens who enjoy the best quality of life and have total freedom to roam and forage on green pastures, under the shelter of trees on their highly-sustainable farms around New Zealand.

David Reid, General Manager The Cheesecake Shop New Zealand says, “The Cheesecake Shop and our Franchisees are proud to partner with Woodland, our supplier of premium free range eggs to deliver our customers sustainable and humane cakes and desserts.”

For more information about Woodland free range eggs visit https://www.woodlandeggs.co.nz/ and to find cakes baked with Woodland free range eggs at your nearest The Cheesecake Shop bakery: https://www.thecheesecakeshop.co.nz/find-bakery/

*IRI MarketEdge Grocery 4 WKS to 13/03/2022

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