Celebrity Rachel Hunter is participating in Vogel’s Big Little Kiwi Census.

New Zealand’s most iconic loaf is turning 50 this year. To mark this major milestone, Vogel’s is taking the pulse of the country to find out answers to 30 quintessentially Kiwi questions.

Vogel’s is launching the Big Little Kiwi Census to find out what makes us uniquely Kiwis. Famous Kiwis are the first to weigh in – Rachel Hunter, Israel Dagg, Anika Moa, Antonia Prebble, Sophie Pascoe and Jimmy Neesham

Questions in the Vogel’s Big Little Kiwi Census address burning issues like: whether we smash or slice our avocado on toast; if we know where both our jandals are; whether we’ve ever rescued a weta and what’s the best Kiwi song ever?

Vogel’s Big Little Kiwi Census invites Kiwis everywhere to take part in the online survey at vogelsco.nz/census. “We’re hoping to find the things, big and not so big, that unite us as Kiwis in 2017. We think we might have more in common than we realise,” says Jo Sutherland from Vogel’s.  “It’s about finding out what makes us, us.”

The people at Vogel’s have already put the questions to a few well-known Kiwis and can tell you both Rachel Hunter’s jandals are on a fence in Kaeo and Anika Moa is wearing hers mowing the lawns. As for the favourite Kiwi song ever, Rachel’s is the National Anthem; Antonia’s fond of Split Enz’ Message To My Girl; Israel and Sophie are both fans of Six60 with Izzy’s top pick being ‘Forever’ and Sophie’s ‘White Lines’; Jimmy is partial to The Exponents Why Does Love Do This To Me; and Anika, well, you guessed it, hers is “My Old Man, Dreams In My Head or Youthful.”

Aside from having a bit of fun, anyone who takes part could win a year’s worth of Vogel’s. The Big Little Kiwi Census is the first of a number of events in the Year of Vogel’s, celebrating 50 years of Kiwis’ beloved loaf.

Take part at vogels.co.nz/census #Vogels50years




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