Green Room Brands has set its sights on becoming a key player in the health tonics market after securing distribution rights to SHOJO.

Sarah Alexander, General Manager, Green Room Brands, says there is a growing interest for health tonics globally.

“We know that in the US the health tonic market is huge, valued at US$68 billion and growing rapidly, so we anticipate seeing this growth in New Zealand and the wider Pacific region too.”

Alexander said that while there are already similar products in the New Zealand market, overseas brands have only just started to scratch the surface.

Rogue Beverages, the Australian-based boutique beverage company behind SHOJO, was founded by three highly experienced senior executives, Paul Fitzgerald, Sean Cunial and Myles Davis, who have a combined 70 years of global beverage industry experience. They came together to challenge the industry’s status quo by accelerating the introduction of new global trends to local markets.

They recognised that there was an untapped area of opportunity within the functional wellness category in Australia and New Zealand, so they created SHOJO, which was formulated alongside New Zealand Registered Nutritionist, Nikki Hart and inspired by traditional Asian remedies.

SHOJO comes in two flavours, Turmeric and Red Ginseng, and contain a blend of natural and functional ingredients, including B vitamins, vitamin C and a source of antioxidants and ingredients that support normal immune function, metabolic function and neurological function as well as reduce tiredness and fatigue. 

“We believe that one of our biggest points of difference is that our products are not only good for you but taste great too,” says Alexander, who also flagged that there are already plans to grow the range and its distribution.

“Health and wellness, especially during the pandemic, appears to be a continued conversation with more people wanting to better and boost their immune system,” she says.

“We are always listening, following trends internationally and trying to better understand the needs of our customers and support their goals towards healthy living.”

SHOJO Turmeric and SHOJO Red Ginseng Tonics will be available to buy in New Zealand at RRP $6.99. The 100ml Shots are available in-store as single units, or online in single, taster packs (one of each), six-packs or 12-packs. 

SHOJO will be available at Select Bin Inn Stores, Naturally Organic and online at Green Room Brands encourages any other retailers to reach out to Sarah Alexander at about ranging SHOJO.

“We look forward to growing our partner base and expanding our sales in New Zealand, with a view to also be in grocery,” she says.

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