Golden anniversary for Nutella

Golden anniversary for Nutella

Nutella is about to turn 50 and last year some 365 million kilograms of the popular spread were consumed in more than 150 countries around the world.

The Italian post issued a stamp in honour of Nutella’s anniversary.

The story of the nutty chocolate spread is a modern day fairy tale, which began half a century ago in a small town in northern Italy, when a young confectioner had a vision to create an affordable luxury made with cocoa and hazelnuts. Pietro Ferrero (the grandfather of the current chief executive of the family business, Giovanni Ferrero) was a humble man who lived in an enchanting region that was famous for its delicious and abundant hazelnuts. Times were hard and chocolate treats were unaffordable for the common people, so Ferrero dreamed up a formula with local hazelnuts that would enable everyone to enjoy his sweet delights. Initially sold as a wrapped chocolate and hazelnut log, it was Pietro’s son, Michele Ferrero, who eventually turned it into the spreadable Nutella product with its iconic glass jar. Since those humble beginnings, Ferrero’s tiny business in the picturesque town of Alba went on to become the fourth most important international group in the chocolate confectionery market, with an annual turnover of more than US $11billion.

More than 200 employees and family members marked the occasion by attending a celebration at the Ferrero factory in Barton St Lithgow, Australia, where the famous Nutella hazelnut spread is made (also for New Zealand consumers) with loving care and attention. The event was part of a series of celebrations being staged around the world to celebrate Nutella’s anniversary.

Let’s celebrate!

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