Jiva is Sanskrit for life. It was created in Sydney, Australia back in 2015 by two brothers on a personal quest for a healthier lifestyle.

After trying everything, the brothers discovered the key issues around sugar and beverages. Then came the sugar-free options which didn’t quite give them the right satisfaction and thus began their journey for a beverage low in natural sugar that tastes great. With food science, the brothers figured out how to use the refreshing taste of whole fruits and blend it with their unique kombucha to create what we know as Jiva Kombucha.

Believing in Jiva and the great tasting Kombucha it demonstrates, 3 great friends in Auckland, New Zealand saw the potential to expand into New Zealand, got the IP and off they went.

The 3 friends have a passion for beverages and growing up, experienced the beverage explosion from energy drinks, sports drinks to various juices!

“We didn’t enter kombucha beverages because of a fad or a trend. We were already in the space looking at ways to make kombucha taste great with lower calories.”

Kombucha is great because it blends antioxidant rich tea with natural sugars in a vacuum with a live culture. Over time it ferments to create a naturally low sugar, high probiotic beverage.

“The difference with Jiva kombucha is its smooth blend. Unlike others with their vinegar tarty aftertaste.”

So how did we get access to Jiva Kombucha’s unique blend here in New Zealand? Well, the older brother is actually born in Christchurch and holds New Zealand dear to his heart. It only made sense that we could make the realest, rawest and most authentic version of JIVA kombucha with New Zealand fruits and flavors. We also happen to be childhood best friends!

“At Jiva, our aim is to make goodness taste great!”

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